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My name is Ray Reigstad and I’m a Northlander living on the
Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota. I got the idea for Army Worm Wine from a co-worker whose grandfather used to make it back in the day. I made 11 gallons in 2002 and even more in 2003. In 2012 I'm shooting for nearly 100 gallons!  I can’t legally sell wine so please don’t ask. If you really want to try the wine, you can drive to Duluth and look me up. I'll pour you a glass. As far as I know, T-shirts are still legal in the United States.

Army worm wine bottles

Winemaking is a hobby that I’d like to turn in to a profitable local business here someday. Thus far, everything associated with Army Worm Wine has been acquired locally. From the equipment to T-shirt production, web design, water from Lake Superior and of course, the worms. Minneapolis artist John Reipas designed the watercolor painting for the t-shirt/label.

Before moving to Duluth, I played in two rock bands-Static Taxi and Stepchild. There is a Static Taxi CD available. To obtain a copy of the ten song disc please email me at  I've also written nine books and a screenplay.  You can find copies of my books self published on Lulu.  I’m now currently seeking literary representation for the books I’ve written.

People seem to be strangely curious about Army Worm Wine. They either say "I'll try it!" or a look or moral indignation clocks across their face and they pale slightly.  Click on the Reviews link to read the Halloween 2002 article in the Taste section of the Duluth News Tribune. This Wine was recently featured on the nationally syndicated “On the Road with Jason Davis”’ show. Bob Carter from WTIP in Grand Marais interviewed me over the phone for his radio show. There has been interest expressed by college professors and entomologists (bug scientists) in Florida as well as a CEO from a Minnesota-based business who shall remain unnamed. Requests have come recently from Japan, Germany and Kuwait from servicemen who read the article in 'Stars and Stripes'. I am doing another radio interview, this time with Gabe Saglie in Santa Barbara (I did one 6 months ago with him for his 'The Grapevine Show' broadcast).  California comes through again!  Jason Davis came back in June of 2003.  KBJR TV in Duluth also did a story that aired the same day.

There are also links to the manifesto about Army Worm Wine and for buying an Army Worm Wine T-shirt.


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